Four Unexpected Benefits of Medicinal Cannabis

Sep 28, 2018

Cannabis has been well known throughout history for its many uses. Did you know that, even today, we are discovering additional benefits of medicinal cannabis? Below you can find some of the lesser known benefits of this plan.

  • Weight Loss

One of the most known uses of medicinal cannabis is that it helps stimulate appetite in people suffering certain chronic conditions, including patients going through chemotherapy. However, recent studies have shown that medicinal cannabis can help weight loss and in lowering cholesterol levels. Studies have also discovered that medicinal cannabis can help regulate insulin production.

  • Regulating and/or Preventing Diabetes

The body’s cannabinoid receptors play a vital role in the proper function of the pancreas and how sensible the organism is to insulin. Studies have demonstrated that medicinal cannabis can help stabilize blood sugar levels and protect the nervous system, helping control neuropathic pain in diabetes patients. Medicinal cannabis can also help regulate blood pressure, among other benefits for diabetics.

  • Depression

Recent studies have identified medicinal cannabis as a potential treatment for stress caused depression. Chronic stress reduces the body’s endocannabinoid levels, which often results in depression. Using medicinal cannabis can potentially increase endocannabinoid levels, helping patients with depression.

  • Autism

In the last five years, new studies have begun to examine the positive effects of medicinal cannabis in patients with severe autism. There is anecdotal evidence from specific cases of children with severe autism who have enjoyed a significant increase in their quality of life thanks to medicinal cannabis. There are several clinical studies underway to test how medicinal cannabis can be used to treat autism symptoms. These studies can potentially revolutionize how we approach autism.