Medicinal cannabis in Puerto Rico

 Verify if your diagnosed condition is under the guidelines for medicinal cannabis therapy (click here to see the full list of approved conditions). Consult with a physician authorized to recommend medicinal cannabis (click here for the list).

 Fill out the patient form (download here). This form needs to be notarized. If you need a person to accompany you to the dispensary, fill a patient companion form (download here).

 Include with the forms: a copy of your driver’s license or passport, your doctor’s recommendation and a $25.00 check or money order payable to “Secretario de Hacienda”.

 Send the documents to: Oficina de Sustancias Controladas y Cannabis Medicinal, PO Box 70184, San Juan, PR 00938-8184 or hand them at Oficina de Sustancias Controladas y Cannabis Medicinal, 1506 Avenida Ponce de León, third floor.

For more information about the Puerto Rico Department of Health’s Medicinal Cannabis
Program, including the official guidelines, click here.