Seniors and medicinal cannabis

Jan 30, 2019

According to a recent study, seniors are reaping the benefits of using medicinal cannabis as part of their pain management plan. The results of this study reflect that medicinal cannabis can be an effective method of managing pain, as well as helping patients reduce dependency on opioid-based medication. Nine out of 10 participants of this study stated they would highly recommend the use of medicinal cannabis to peers dealing with pain.

”It [medical marijuana] is extremely effective and has allowed me to function in my work and life again,” stated a patient participating in the study.

Dra. Diana Martins-Welch, a physician in the division of geriatric and palliative medicine at Northwell Health, in Great Neck, N.Y., explained that medicinal cannabis’ impact on the patients’ lives has been ”overwhelmingly positive.” Medicinal cannabis has ”led them to taking less medications overall -opioids and non-opioids- and they had better function and better quality of life.”

Besides providing an effective pain management method for seniors, studies suggest medicinal cannabis can have great benefits treating patients with Alzheimer’s Disease. Already, medicinal cannabis is a powerful ally for these patients, helping fights symptoms of depression and lack of appetite. But, a recent study reflects that medicinal cannabis may be a factor in slowing down the progression of this terrible disease.

There are even studies that seem to show that medicinal cannabis has a beneficial effect on senior’s brain functions. For example, a study in Germany showed that THC can help improve cognitive functions during advanced age.

Medicinal cannabis can be a powerful tool for our seniors. The effective use of this magnificent plant can mean a significantly improved life for our loved ones.